Hillbilly Orchestra

Lead Vocals and the fattest of the hillbillies! Mongo Smith sings like a bear with a thorn in his foot and sweats like a sumo wrestler in a sauna... but a warning, if you get to close he will give you a big hug and a kiss! Don't let his gigantic size fool you, he's a teddy bear.

.. .. Influences: Rush, Pantera, Led Zepplin, ZZ-Top, Motorhead and many others Sounds Like: .. ZZ-Top on steroids and force fed fried food.

Throw in a slight metal and a bluegrass thing, and there ya go! Imagine Lynard Skynard and Rage Against the Machine having kids together. Each song sound instantly familiar and you can't help but hollar and act-a-fool. Crack open a cold-cheap beer and join the BUBBALUTION.

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