Dave Whitewolf Trezak

Dave WhiteWolf Trezak is an experienced, dynamic, audience interactive solo entertainer in the field of  American music. A native of Ocala, Florida, Dave has been popular as a touring act for a number of years. His talents have become in demand on a number of entertainment circuits. He has 6 CD releases in America “Native Country”, “Save the Land”, “True Promises”, “Medicine”, "Dave WhiteWolf Trezak", and “Wakan”.  Elements of Rock, Blues, R&B , American Indian and country are the foundation for Dave's original music. His concert performances mix original music with select covers and appeal to all ages. 

Some words used to describe Dave WhiteWolf Trezak are: Singer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, educator, environmentalist, veterans advocate, and recording artist. He's been a sought after opening act for headliners like Lonestar, Trace Adkins, Ty England, Highway 101, Johnny Paycheck, Doug Supernaw, Bill Miller, Wade Hayes, John Anderson, Exile and the list goes on . Dave's performances have been an asset at gatherings of all types. Dave WhiteWolf Trezak availability at this time is a real opportunity for event promoters to get this national quality show while the last few dates are still open .

A popular part of his show are songs on the Native American flute. These emotion evoking melodies are both relaxing and inspiring. He puts a lot of heart into his special “Tribute to Veterans” presentation. Each year Dave WhiteWolf Trezak fulfills an extensive nationwide schedule of performances and appearances to maintain contact with fans of his music and the large extended family he so loves. He has an acknowledged following and encourages promoters to take advantage for their events. Over the last 5 years Dave has performed his show well over 1,000 times at venues coast to coast. Even conservative estimators agree that his show has been appreciated by over a million recent listeners. How can a million festival goers be wrong?You wont find the audience sleeping through this upbeat program. The only problem Dave has encountered while performing at festival  events is not being able to come back as often as the locals would like!


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